I don't like to work just for money: Abhay Deol

Jul 22, 2013, 09:30 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

When CS asks Abhay Deol if reports of him charging a bomb for his student- activist role in Raanjhanaa are true, the actor replies tongue-in-cheek, "Why don't you ask the writer of the story? The person clearly knows better."

On a more serious note, the actor continues, “Money is very important. We are living in times of high inflation, aren’t we? I do like to enjoy a decent lifestyle, but then I don’t like to work just for money.” Here's what the intelligent and witty actor had to tell CS

Abhay Deol

Story is the priority
I have never chased banners in my career, and don’t want to fall into the trap of big-budget films. The script will always be the most important factor for me in a film. Of course, it will be great if it has a big banner backing it. After the script, it has to be the director. I should be convinced about his vision not only in terms of my role, but also of the entire film in entirety. If you take Raanjhanaa, my character did not take up muchof screen time but it was a pivotal one. That’s what matters to me.

Foray into production
My interest in production had been generated right from my first film, Socha Na Tha with Imtiaz Ali. Since then, I have introduced directors to producers, scriptwriters to directors and so on. I was keenly involved in Dev D, which also gave me a flavour of production. Moreover, my brothers have been in film production since ages. I have some idea about how to arrange finance for a project. I have finished shooting for my first production and hope that people like it.

The reclusive actor?
Well, I am hardly in town (laughs out loud). Most of the time I am away shooting or travelling. My friends know that I am a shy person and don’t force me to socialise every other day. But I do party. The only difference is that the parties I attend are not the well-publicised ones.

Under the spotlight
Well, I was media shy initially. In fact, I did not bother to retaliate even when negative stories were written about me. However, I am understanding the growing importance of PR in this industry. I was naive in my younger days but now I know that good PR can help you in many ways. I would say that an actor doesn’t need PR, but a star definitely does. Currently, I am happy in the space that I am in. Work wise, I am reading all types of scripts and that’s very heartening.  

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