'I don't know if she likes me...'

Jun 27, 2014, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

There is a woman at my work place who I am attracted to. She is married, while I am single.

Dear Diana,
There is a woman at my work place who I am attracted to. She is married, while I am single. I feel sorry for her as her husband has been seeing another woman. That's what she once told me. She also said she does not care for him. We are buddies and share the workload. I have a fantastic rapport with her. I now feel I have fallen for her. I don't know whether she likes me. She has not dropped any hints that she considers me special.
— Yatin


Dear Yatin,
You are going by what she has told you. Her husband may be having an affair, but she appears to be resigned to her fate and looks the sort who wants to immerse herself in work. If she was interested in you she would have dropped a hint. She wants to be away from a relationship for now and looks to be keen on her career. There is no harm in being her pal, but for now do not think of a relationship. Remember she is still married, so till she decides about her future, steer clear from a relationship
with her.

Dear Diana
I'm 26 and my boyfriend is 27. We have been together for more than six years. My guy is caring, but the only issue I have with him is that he is a big spendthrift so he is always broke. He cares for everyone around him and keeps buying stuff for them. I feel he can tighten his pursestrings because at the rate he is going we cannot plan a future together.
— Raashi

Dear Raashi,
Your boyfriend is not at all conscious of how he spends his money. If it irks you, you should tell him nicely. He might have his reasons that you are perhaps unaware of. Or perhaps he is of a giving nature. Either way, talk to him about it so that he realises that this is something that is affecting you a great deal.

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