I had to right the wrong: Vikram Bhatt

Published: Oct 31, 2012, 09:02 IST | Kunal M Shah |

The filmmaker talks about riding the roller coaster and making his way back to the Bhatt camp with

A hit, a flop, a rumoured reunion and dissolution Vikram Bhatt has had a mixed year so far. But with his upcoming production, the filmmaker seems to be excited. Here he speaks about rumours of him getting back to his wife, his company getting dissolved and his daughter Krishna...

Vikram Bhatt

Haunted a hit, Dangerous Ishhq a flop and then Raaz 3 a big hit. How has it been?
Exactly like a roller coaster! The phone rings like mad and then it goes silent and then rings like mad again! After a hit, people want you to repeat the magic and after a flop people don’t want to be anywhere around you but I am on the top of my game now!

After seven years away from the Bhatt camp, your comeback film with them Raaz 3 made a lot of moolah...
My intent to go back was to give back what I owed to my guru and my friend. I had left over petty issues and I had to right the wrong. I thank God that the movie is a success because the mere intention of repaying my debt would never be enough.

How much truth is there in the news that you and your business partners at ASA (his banner) are separating?
That’s nonsense! I owe my partners as much as I owed Bhattsaab and Mukeshji. They came to a man who was down and out before 1920 and put their faith in him. They helped me fulfill my ambitions of 3D and backed me on every step. I am committed to make this company the biggest in the times to come.

Are you getting back with your ex-wife, Aditi?
Simply put, no I am not getting back. It was the imagination of an enthusiastic journalist. Aditi and I are the best of friends now and share a beautiful relationship. We have our separate lives and we value them. There comes a time when relationships are not defined by marriage or divorce, they become a comfort zone.

What are you directing next?
Shhhh! It’s a secret I can’t tell.

A hint?
(Smiles) Okay here goes.... It will have an actress I have done four films with. Go figure!

Will your daughter Krishna work behind the camera or in front?
Krishna has started working with me in earnest. She reminds me of myself when I started all those years back. She is sharp and intuitive which will make for a very good director. I think there is a struggle raging inside her. As for whether she wants to be an actor or a director, I will let her decide.

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