I have gone out of our comfort zone for 'Grand Masti': Aftab Shivdasani

Sep 12, 2013, 09:01 IST | Kunal M Shah

After 1920-Evil Returns, actor Aftab Shivdasani is back with a genre he loves best -- comedy. In a chatty mood, the actor tells CS that doing an adult comedy was no cakewalk.

He says, “My married co-stars found some of the scenes too embarrassing and passed them onto me. And they were embarrassing even for me.” In a free-wheeling interview, he opens up about his work and personal life.

When I heard the narration of my latest film, I was like “Whoaa....are you serious?” I thought it was pushing the envelope too far, and that a lot of people would be shocked by the contents of the film. However, it was our repeated narrations with Indra Kumarji that made us more relaxed. Vivek (Vivek Oberoi), Riteish (Riteish Deshmukh) and I have gone out of our comfort zone for this film. All of us had our nervous moments during the shoot. However, I am glad that our efforts have paid off, and the film is finally ready.

Need a hit
All my films have been important for my career, as each film writes a small part of my destiny. My latest film is a great opportunity for me to re-visit a genre that I enjoy doing -- comedy. Having said that, I’ve always been very keen to do intense films as well. Of course, this film is very crucial for me at this point of time, and I hope people like it as well. The past and the future Whatever happened to my career was a consequence of my past decisions. To be honest, I look to each incident in my life as a lesson and don’t regret anything that I have consciously done. I always knew that I would be responsible for the consequences. I welcome anyone’s perception on my career and status but eventually I know that I have to carve out my own destiny with my actions. I just want to work now. As far as doing few films is concerned, I wanted to do one film at a time. I was in no hurry. 

Love’s in the air
I have never denied Nin’s (girlfriend Nin Dusanj) existence in my life as she fills a truly special space in my life. I am very happy and contented. I guess there is a time and space for everything and I guess now is my time. I have never discussed my personal life in print and now too, I’ve said only what I need to say. I’m not the kind of person who likes to share personal details with everyone. I usually reserve that space for the two people concerned. 

Production plans
No, none at the moment, but yes I’d like to produce films again at some point in the future. I had a wonderful time producing Aao Wish Karein in 2009. As of now, I just want to act. 

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