I have two guys in my life...

Dec 31, 2012, 07:29 IST | Diana

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Dear Diana,
I have two boyfriends. One is an introvert — my kind of person. The other guy I met recently gives me great happiness but not so caring. I was thinking of breaking up with the first guy but still considering the fact that he provides my needs and I know he truly loves me even more than the other. I don’t really want to break his heart but I love the other so much. What should I do? Should I still keep them both or do what pleases me?
— Lipika

Dear Lipika,
Good heavens! You cannot keep both of them. You have to make a decision with whom you want to be with. Remember if any one of the two finds out that you are two-timing him, he will leave you pronto. So make up your mind fast. It’s better that you decide than be dumped by one of them. Also, you seem to have a wavering mind. So clear the clutter from your mind and select the one who you think is the best for you. 

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