I-T officer abuses traffic cops for doing their job

Feb 19, 2013, 02:43 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Threatens to lodge complaint against policemen, who stopped his car sporting black film on side and rear windows and fined him, alleging harassment

Officials of traffic police department have been complaining that despite an order issued by the Supreme Court against using tinted glasses in vehicles, various government officials argue with the on-duty traffic personnel when they are penalised for not following the orders.

Men At Work: Traffic police personnel remove black film from a windowpane of a car in Bund Garden. Pic/Krunal Gosavi

A few officials also said that while some of the offenders use the weight of their posts, some insult the on-duty personnel for doing his duty.  A similar incident occurred on Sunday afternoon, when personnel from Kondhwa traffic division stopped a car at Salunke Vihar junction, which belonged to an Income Tax officer, for using black film. Fortunately for the on-duty personnel, his senior stepped in and ensured that the I-T officer paid the fine of Rs 100.

“On Sunday afternoon, I was manning Salunke Vihar junction alongside our superiors, who were bust taking the action against those using black films and tinted glasses. Around 11 am, a car halted at the junction and had black films on its side and rear window,” API Pundlik Kaygude of the Kondhwa traffic division said.

“I signalled one of the traffic constables to take action against the driver. We went near the car and asked the car driver to step out, instead the person occupying the backseat stepped out and asked us why did we stop the car. I told him that since using of black films is prohibited, we would have to remove the film and fine him Rs 100.”

He said that soon after the person was informed about the rule, he got furious and informed them that he was an I-T officer.  Kaygude said the officer started yelling at them and said he was not aware about any such rule. He also said he would neither allow the officials to remove the black film, nor pay any fine.

“I then told him that there are clear-cut orders by the Supreme Court against the usage of black films and tinted glasses,” Kaygude said.
But the I-T officer refused to listen and Kaygude to get his superior. “I then called our Police Inspector Rangrao Kamere, who is the head of the administration in the traffic branch, and informed him about the incident. The I-T officer spoke to him and said that he would lodge a complaint against PI Kamere and me for unnecessarily harassing him.”

When contacted, Kamere said the person who identified himself as an I-T officer used abusive language and threatened that he would lodge a complaint against them.  “But I kept my cool and informed him bout the recent order issued by the SC. I made him understand that it was bad for government officials to violate rules and that he should set an example by abiding to them. This pacified him and he agreed to pay the fine and our officers removed the black film. It is not acceptable if a government official argues over such an issue and uses abusive language,” Kamere said.

Starting January 1, officials of the traffic branch have taken action against 12,631 private, 190 government vehicles for using black films or tinted glasses.

What the order states
> Director Generals of Police/Commissioners of Police are directed to ensure complete compliance of the judgment of the Supreme Court in its true spirit and substance. They should not permit pasting of any material including films of any kind on the safety glasses of the any vehicle
> The authorities shall not only challan the offenders but ensure that the black films and tinted glasses are removed from the safety glasses 

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