I practice very early in the morning, says Ali Zafar

Aug 20, 2012, 09:03 IST | The Centre Stage Team

Ali Zafar is currently the flavour of Bollywood and it's no surprise that the singer from Pakistan is busy concentrating on his acting career

But his passion for music hasn’t diminished a bit. Ali manages to balance both music and films. For the Pakistani actor-singer, early morning riyaaz is still an essential part of his life.

Ali Zafar

Even though a major chunk of his day is spent on film sets shooting for his upcoming projects, he understands the value of keeping his voice intact and therefore trains his voice as soon as he wakes up. “It’s an old ritual which I won’t be breaking anytime soon. Since I practice very early in the morning, I can say it’s a kind of meditation to me,” the actor told CS.  

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