I read books on dying: Michael Nobbs

Jul 12, 2013, 00:06 IST | A Correspondent

Ex-India hockey coach reveals the kind of depression he endured before his exit

India’s former men’s hockey coach Michael Nobbs said on Tuesday that he quit his post on health grounds. A little later, the Aussie delved deeper into his concerns.

Michael Nobbs
Former India coach Michael Nobbs

“I know I have had problems that really worried me. I know it’s probably silly, but I was reading books on dying and was not in a good place at all,” Nobbs told MiD DAY.

Opinion is still divided whether he was sacked by Hockey India, but as of now, that seemed to be the least of his concerns. “Being so far from home and really homesick, and not having anyone here I could really talk to, became unbearable and I wasn’t coping well at all,” he added.

“I passed out a few times and couldn’t walk more than 50 metres without getting short of breath. I experienced a number of other symptoms.”  The situation was so alarming that his blood pressure shot up to 180/120 at one stage, leaving enough room for other ailments.

“I really needed to get away and get healthy again. I have such great love for India and its hockey I couldn’t coach like this. I need about six or so months to get my health back again so I had no alternative (but to quit).”

Nobbs said he was disappointed at the way he had to leave his position. “It hurts a lot that I have let people down leaving early, but I would have hurt hockey too much. I hope to be back in India next week to finalise everything.”

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