'I really want to work with PC and Kat'

Jul 11, 2012, 08:48 IST | Jigar Shah

Saif Ali Khan talks about his dream co-stars and looking forward to his next blockbuster after 'Agent Vinod'

When we meet up with Saif Ali Khan, he is dressed in a pair of crisp white kurta pyjama. He looks to be brooding and we wonder if the debacle of his Agent Vinod is still a shadow looming over his next film. However, a few minutes later, Saif effortlessly slips into his trademark tongue in cheek style. An excerpt of the interview…

How did you feel when Agent Vinod failed to create magic at the box office?
I wish we had made the film faster. I had invested a lot of time into making it. I don’t think Agent Vinod was a bad film. Even after its early demise, people didn’t stop talking about it. All the people who worked in the film had really pushed themselves in an attempt to make the film work.

Your latest film was pitched as Love Aaj Kal 2...
No. This one is nowhere close to Love Aaj Kal. LAK was about the confusions of a fast-paced modern relationship as compared to the depth and time and meaning of yesteryear romances. Our latest film has a beautiful theme that is friendship.

How was it to reunite with Homi Adajania after Being Cyrus?
Homi always surprises you. He is a lot of fun and he is good looking too. He looks like a star himself but no one takes him seriously. You first stereotype him without realizing that he is the most hardworking and sensitive person you will ever meet. He has a certain aura about himself.

A BBM message is being forwarded, apparently revealing the climax of the film. Have you read it?
Ha ha ha! Is it worth adapting? If yes, please send it to me. We might borrow the concept to make the sequel.

Deepika and Diana are taller than you...
Yes! By a foot and half. They are freakishly tall and slim girls. They remind me of Amazonian animals. I’m 5 feet 10 inches tall, and with their high heels, they stand above 6 feet, which is as good as Amit ji. Being a good producer and to avoid neck pain, I got rid of their heels as much as I could (laughs).

You have done films with only Deepika and Kareena lately. Anybody else on your wish list?
I really want to work with Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif. Though I did work with Kat in Race together. However, I don’t think she considers it her work. At the time, she was still finding her feet in the industry.

What’s happening with Go Goa Gone?
The shoot will start on the 15th of this month. I postponed the shoot as I had to wrap up other important things. The timing of Go Goa is just right… it will benefit from my next release. We are going to shoot the film in Mauritius.

Is Agent Vinod 2 on the anvil?
No. However, the character has potential.

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