'I took people by surprise'

Apr 06, 2012, 08:46 IST | Shaheen Parkar

TV producer-director B P Singh speaks about his B-Town acting debut

B P Singh is a name synonymous with CID for the last 15 years. However, the producer-director recently made his B-Town debut as an actor in Sriram Raghavan’s spy thriller Agent Vinod, taking everyone by surprise. He essayed the role of Saif Ali Khan’s boss, RAW agent Hasan Nawaz…

People were taken aback to see you acting in Agent Vinod. 
I am aware of it. I took people by surprise. Some people were initially wondering if it’s really me. I blame it on the make up applied on me. But I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have known Sriram as well as his writer brother Sridhar Raghavan since 1993. Both have been part of my TV show as writer and director before they began their Bollywood innings. In fact, as Sriram and I are from the FTII, Pune — though I was much senior — we had lots in common; so he’s an old pal.

The casting call was out of the blue?
Yes, when he began the casting, Sriram called me to say that I will have to act in the movie. I was shocked. It was like: “Are your serious?” But he did not tell me about the character or any other details. He just told me as it was about a detective and you have to be part of the film. He then began filming at several places abroad and I did not hear from him. But once he was back in Mumbai, he called me to say that I would be playing Agent Vinod’s boss!

Are you open to more acting offers?
Yes, why not? Now that I have a taste of it. I had acted in my show briefly in 2005 as a character out to get ACP Pradhuman and then again in some later episodes.

The show has had its share of bouquets and brickbats…
The biggest fear for any TV producer is when the show will be pulled out. After 15 years, the channel has given us a green signal to make a film, we are now trying to figure out which episode from the 15 years to base it on or take a fresh new story. Shivaji has been in the show from Day One; both of us are old school in our approach and we like it this way. 

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