'I try not to be judgemental'

Aug 26, 2012, 08:14 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Emraan Hashmi on the highs and lows of B-Town

Emraan Hashmi, who began his career as an assistant in Mahesh Bhatt’s camp, has now managed to move out of it with movies such as Once Upon Time In Mumbaai, The Dirty Picture and Shanghai. In his soon-to-release Raaz 3, Emraan is playing the role of a director. While shooting for Ghanchakkar, the actor took time out for a tete-a-tete…

Emran Hashmi

How have you been juggling your film shoots of late?
It is tough. I have been shooting back-to-back and trying to give as much time as possible for the promotions.

How do you handle stardom?
I try to be grounded and do not get swayed by success or failure. These things should not get to your head as it makes you overconfident. I try not to be judgmental because it is part and parcel of the industry.

Buzz is that you aren’t giving enough time for the promotion of Raaz 3?
I was present for the film’s launch event and will be actively taking part in the last leg of the promotions. I have taken two weeks off from the shoot of Ghanchakkar and will be travelling for various events across cities.

Is there any inspiration behind playing a director in Raaz 3?
I have taken inspiration from all the directors I have worked with so far. I had assisted for films like Raaz and Kasoor, so that experience came handy while portraying this character.

Do you identify with your character in the film?
This industry is all about struggles. We have to constantly work towards making two ends meet. You share different relationships with different persons and have to face rejection and success. I can identify with these qualities.

Esha Gupta has called you her mentor… what is your reaction to it?
I feel honoured that she regards me as her mentor. She is a smart girl and a good performer. In fact she doesn’t need any mentor in the industry; she is bold and brave. She has done some high-octane scenes very well.

You attended the dahi handi celebration at Worli and later visited the Mahim dargah, but you didn’t promote your movie there. why?
I do not follow other people. I do not like to go there and talk about my films and banners. It is a religious place and I do not like to mix religion with my profession. I went there just to meet my fans and since the dargah authority organised proper security for me I went there for the first time.

What is the update with your film with Karan Johar?
Karan’s film is about to start by October or November. I do not know about rest of the cast.

Tell us about your other projects.
In Ghanchakkar, I play a conman who is expert at breaking locks. My character robs a bank and gets into trouble. In Ek Thi Dayaan I play a magician, and I even learnt a few magic tricks; a person called Atul was always present on the set to help me perform illusions and tricks. Daayan is almost over; we just have three days shooting left. 

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