'I'm worried about the distance between us...'

Jun 21, 2014, 06:00 IST | Diana

I have a boyfriend who I am serious about. We are off to different universities in the US in September

Dear Diana,
I have a boyfriend who I am serious about. We are off to different universities in the US in September. Having had no experience of a long-distance relationship before, I am worried that our relationship will fall apart. I’ve read many worrying things about couples who go from regular relationships to long-distance relationships. Am I worrying too much because he does not seem to show any reaction? We are both 19.
— Valerie

Dear Diana
Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Valerie,
You two are still young and have a long way ahead. At the moment go by what your guy has told you, instead of worrying about the geographical distance between you. You can stay in touch through Skype and phone. Remember there will be long vacations too where you can spend time together. So stop worrying and start preparing for your sojourn.

Dear Diana,
I’m 16 and I’ll be joining first year of college soon. I’m not a confident person. I somehow managed my way through school. I know this may sound silly, but I am apprehensive about how to make new friends when I get to college. On first appearances, I come across as being quite shy. I worry that this will affect my chances of bonding with others. Is there any formula for making friends?
— Iliyas

Dear Iliyas,
Just be yourself and go with the flow. Just as you have your set of apprehensions, even the others have theirs. There is no formula to follow to strike a friendship. It will be a new experience for the others too as there will be students who have studied in all boys or all girls schools. There is no need to get tongue-tied when girls are around. Even they have their set of fears. Begin by talking about classes, lectures and canteen fare.

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