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Jul 21, 2010, 10:31 IST | Special Features

She's been in the service industry since 1996. Suman Agarwal, director, First Impression Consulting Pvt Ltd is the key trainer of the institute.

She's been in the service industry since 1996. Suman Agarwal, director, First Impression Consulting Pvt Ltd is the key trainer of the institute.

She has received intensive training in image building from abroad and is well known in this field.

Suman, who has also had a long and successful association with Jet Airways, trains people who aspire to enter this evolving business of image consultancy. CS spoke to Suman about the future of image consulting in India:

Image consulting

Image consulting is the next huge business opportunity in India. Our population has the highest number of youngsters, as compared to other nations. The statistics indicate the average age of Indians to be 29 by 2020. This also means that the competition in personal, professional and social life will intensify by the day. As per recent media reports, individuals and companies are spending thousands on image management.

Image management

Creating a positive first impression by successfully managing one's image is the key to success. Image management is not only about makeovers, attending personality and grooming workshops, buying branded clothes etc. It is about learning the science and art of optimally using given personal resources of clothes, grooming, body language, etiquette and vocal communication to achieve the objective in every given situation. It is an ongoing process of managing and upgrading your resources. 

Image consultant
An image consultant is a trained professional, who's well versed in every aspect of image building. She guides, coaches and mentors individuals as well as companies on image management. The consultant provides one-on-one and group coaching solutions to individuals and work with companies on retainer or on ad-hoc basis. It requires extensive training and education to master this field.

Image consulting business institute
First Impression Consulting Pvt Ltd offers complete programmes to enterprising women who wish to become image consultants, and set up independent businesses. USA - based Judith Rasband, a certified image master with over 40 years of image consulting expertise, is our curriculum partner. We also provide total business support for trained image consultants to start their business. This includes creation of business opportunities and facilities for them.
For more information, visit and register for a free presentation. You can also call on 26430438/9

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