Indian man makes aircraft powered by motorcycle engine!

Jun 19, 2013, 12:34 IST | AFP

The low cost manned microlight aircraft (MAQH 13), developed by Bangalore engineer Mohammed Muzakkir Sharieff and his project teammates of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the HKBK College of Engineering

The microlight aircraft, made to fly a payload of 200 kilograms, was designed and developed by a 4-member team as part of their ongoing final year project with a total cost of 45,000 Rs.

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The aircraft on the HKBK College of Engineering premises in Bangalore. AFP Photo

It is powered by a modified 150cc motorcycle engine with a wingspan of 24 feet (7.2 meters) and 17 feet (5.15 meters).

Once completed the aircraft will undergo airworthiness tests after obtaining clearance and certification from the Director General for Civil Aviation (DGCA).  

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