Industry folks are more real than the real world: Saqib Saleem

Mar 14, 2013, 08:48 IST | Jigar Shah

For both Saqib Saleem and his cousin Huma Qureshi, venturing into Bollywood was not an easy task

Especially as their parents were not in favour of the kids being associated with the film industry. Saqib, whose next film Mere Dad Ki Maruti is up for release, feels that their parents were extremely concerned about their safety in the industry.

Saqib Saleem

The actor says, “They wanted us to be safe. My parents felt the industry has a very negative image. It was the same thing for both Huma and me.”

However Saqib feels the real picture is quite contrary to what his parents imagine. “It’s just a perception. In fact, the industry people are more real than the real world. Everyone has his or her share of insecurities. It is only when our parents saw us doing good work that they thought it was okay,” adds the actor.  

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