30 injured in clashes in front of US embassy in Egypt

Sep 13, 2012, 15:07 IST | Agencies

30 people were injured after the US embassy in Cairo was attacked today in protest against a US movie that is reportedly offensive to Prophet Mohammed.

At least 30 people were injured in clashes in front of the US embassy in the Egyptian capital of Cairo today, reports quoted Eygyt's health ministry as saying.

US embassy in Egypt
Egyptian men walk amid smoke following clashes between protesters and Egyptian police near the US embassy in Cairo (Pic - AFP)

Sixteen protestors and 14 security personnel, including three officers and 11 soldiers, were injured..

The Egyptian Ambulance Authority said most injuries are being treated on the spot, but seven protesters have been transferred to the neighbouring governmental hospitals.

A police vehicle was set ablaze by the protestors.

The protestors have closed the roads leading to the embassy from Tahrir Square, downtown Cairo.

The conflict was sparked by Egyptians' anger towards a movie made in the US.

On Wednesday, the Egyptian government denounced the movie "Innocence of Muslims" as offensive to Prophet Mohammed and immoral, and assigned the Egyptian embassy in Washington to take necessary legal action against the filmmaker.

Several thousand Egyptians Tuesday surrounded the US embassy in protest of the movie that the Muslim community deems insulting to Prophet Mohammed.  

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