Inquiry on cops who thrashed two men after damaging car

Jun 15, 2013, 01:23 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Two days after MiD DAY's report on two friends being thrashed and verbally abused by Bhoiwada traffic cops after their impounded car was found damaged in police custody, a high-level departmental enquiry has been ordered against the cops and staffers involved in the incident

The victims Pritish Das (25) and Girish Verma (29) lodged a complaint with senior officers of the traffic department yesterday. 

MiD DAY had reported on the incident, where about 25 cops and towing staff had thrashed the two men inside the station premises, when they demanded to know how the bumper of their car was damaged after being towed away (‘Cops damage towed car, thrash owner for daring to protest’ June 13.)

Das and Verma were then taken to the local Bhoiwada police station where they were let off after being forced to pay a fine. Joint commissioner of the traffic police department Vivek Phansalkar said, “A departmental inquiry is being set up in the matter. If cops are found guilty in the case, necessary action will be taken.”

Additional Commissioner of Police (traffic) Brijesh Singh said, “A thorough investigation will be done in the matter. A DCP-level officer will conduct the inquiry and he will submit the report, after which I will be in a position to comment. Necessary action will be taken.”

Das and Verma expressed their gratitude to MiD DAY, but said they were afraid of a backlash from the police: “We still fear to leave home, thinking that if any of the cops spot us they may put us behind bars and falsely implicate us in a criminal case. However, we will not step back now.”  

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