Inspiration from The South Pole

May 16, 2013, 07:40 IST | Kanika Sharma

Vijay Crishna, director of Godrej Industries shares his inspiration, Sir Ernest Shackleton and his legendary 100-year old expedition, which motivated him to undertake an expedition to Antarctica last year

History repeats itself, they say. Vijay Crishna — an individual who is able to don varied roles such as of an entrepreneur, actor and adventurer in tandem and apart with equal panache — will be sharing his inspiration behind Antarctic expedition’s experience come this Friday.

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Crishna was inspired by the legendary figure of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the man who went farthest South during the first decade of the twentieth century under extreme circumstances. Thus, his avid interest in the expedition.

He shares, “Essentially, I have been interested in Shackleton for a long time. I was very keen to go to the Antarctic but at that time I didn’t know how to ski. Once I was introducing Sir Robert Swan at one of his talks in the city. After which, he got me involved with one of his expeditions.” The remarkable figure of Sir Robert who has walked both the poles, and is a notable exponent of sustainable development, will definitely make this talk an enriching one to hear.

A photograph from Vijay Crishna’s Antarctica expedition

The Director of Godrej Industries, Crishna further remarks, “Shackleton’s is the benchmark expedition as he was able to get back his team when death was so common in his age. The expedition is often taken as a great leadership example and is even studied at the Harvard Business School.”

When probed about his recent trip, he expresses the inability to put such an experience into words. “It is a place like no other on earth. It can’t be compared because there isn’t a benchmark to describe it with.” He feels that having been on an expedition to a continent that was surrounded by the ocean as opposed to the Arctic; his journey with Sir Robert and the area itself make this experience indescribable.

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