Internal scores left out of UoP marklist

Aug 17, 2012, 07:52 IST | Niranjan Medhekar

'Absent' or 'fail' remark on marklist results in long queues at exam dept as students and parents seek speedy remedy

A coordination gap between the examination department of the University of Pune (UoP) and colleges affiliated to the university has resulted in many students getting ‘absent’ or ‘fail’ remark on their marklist.

The reason is that the students’ internal marks were not counted while preparing the marklist. The error has left the affected students in a state of panic, and many students who gave their final-year exams for graduate courses of the UoP are now worried about getting jobs or gaining admission for further studies.

Anxious: The student rush outside the exam department of the university to enquire about correction in results. The students are worried they will miss out on jobs and admissions for higher studies. Pic/Niranjan Medhekar

The most number of students affected are the ones who had given their final-year engineering exams this year. Their results were declared on July 31, but even after two weeks long queues of final-year students and their parents are to be seen at the exam department.

A group of four students from Padmabhooshan Vasantdada Patil Institute of Technology (PVPIT) said they had all been marked absent for the subject ‘embedded system’ in the final-year BE result.

“We had been told that we will get our corrected results on August 7, but our wait is still not over,” one of the said. Another student said the exam department had told them their corrected results were ready and their colleges would be informed.

“When we asked the college authorities, they said we will get the final result after three days,” the student said. “There is total miscommunication between the college and the university.”

A senior UoP official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, blamed the colleges for the goof-up. “It’s basically a college’s job to send us students’ internal marks, which includes their practical and project work,” the official said. “A renowned college sent us marks out of 25, whereas the marks are counted on the marklist out of 50. Now, how can this be the exam department’s mistake?”

While UoP officials point to the negligence of the colleges, two second-year students from Modern College claimed the college had sent the internal marks well in time but the exam department still did not include these in the marklist.

They said the confusion was cleared only on Monday and they were now hoping to get the corrected results at the earliest. Chief Controller Of Examinations, UoP, Dr Sampada Joshi said that according to university rules, colleges should send the internal marks to the university before the theory exam, but many had still not done so.

“Several colleges have still not submitted the marks while many others sent the marks in the wrong format,” Joshi said. “Students are unnecessarily suffering because of this lapse from the college side. We have decided to take stringent action against those we find guilty in it. Right now we have cases of around 125 students who got an absent remark on their marklist

Internal marks
In the final year of engineering, there are two subjects that include term work worth 25 to 50 marks each depending on the branch. These term work marks are supposed to be included as internal marks in the final marklist. For BE, a separate external examiner visits the college and gives internal marks to students according to their performance and submits it to the university.

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