Is a nuclear-free world possible?

Mar 31, 2014, 08:53 IST | The GUIDE Team

Watch two films that throw light on the serious issue of nuclear disarmament at Vikalp@Prithvi’s latest screening

Earth Hour (on March 29) is a movement organised by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). It started off with a lights-off event in 2007 and one of its aims is to create awareness about environmental issues. While Earth Hour may have passed us by, you can still head to Vikalp@Prithvi’s screening of two films on similar issues, followed by a discussion. 

A still from The Horses of Fukushima 

The films that will be screened are If You Love This Planet directed by Terre Nash and The Horses of Fukushima directed by Yoju Matsubayashi. If You Love This Planet is an Oscar-winning film that comprises a lecture given to students by outspoken nuclear critic Dr Helen Caldicott. She is the President of Physicians for Social Responsibility in the US. Her message is that disarmament cannot be postponed. Archival footage of the bombing of Hiroshima and images of its survivors seven months after the attacks heighten the urgency of her message.

Police officers searching for the remains of missing people near Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. Pic/ afp

The Horses of Fukushima is centered around the fate awaiting the horses of Fukushima. They almost died in the tsunami and were exposed to radiation inside the 20 km zone of the nuclear meltdown. They were left for weeks without fodder and shut away in stables for months. However, they are kept alive only because of the role they play in the grand annual horse festival with a 1,000-year-old history.

On Today, 7 pm
at Prithvi House, opposite Prithvi Theatre, Janki Kutir, Juhu Church Road, Juhu.
entry Free, on a first-come-first-seated basis

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