Is Om Puri a repeat offender?

Sep 06, 2013, 08:42 IST | Jigar Shah

Evidence provided by Nandita suggests Om Puri assaulted his former wife Seema Kapoor in 1991 even as she rallies in support of her ex

While Om Puri and his estranged wife Seema Kapoor’s dirty linen is undergoing a daily washing cycle in the public, looks like the truth is far from what just meets the eye. While accusations and abuses have been hurled by each party at the other, Nandita provided us with some startling evidence that makes the matter seem far from over. With Om Puri’s former spouse Seema Kapoor now getting involved in the fight between husband and wife, it appears that Seema may not be telling the entire truth.

A news report appeared in a Bengali news daily back in 1991 cites how Om’s then-wife Seema had packed her bags and moved out of their marital home after he allegedly hit her. This especially comes as a surprise after Seema recently sided with Om against his now-wife Nandita’s allegations that he physically assaulted her.

Incidentally, though they divorced almost two decades ago, Seema seems to be very much a part of the veteran actor’s life.

Nandita also sent us copies of bank documents where Seema is mentioned as Om’s nominee. Instead of Seema Kapoor, her name reads Seema Puri. Contrary to her claim that she and her former husband don’t own any property together, the current Mrs Puri sent us official papers from the Registration and Stamps Department of Jhalawar (Rajasthan), where the actor and his former wife are recorded as co-owners of a house named after Seema’s mother, Shabnam.

Sources close to Nandita say last year Om had transferred a whopping amount of R 1.5 crore to Seema’s bank account. While Om claimed it had been a loan, there were no documents recording an official contract. But the actor apparently had chosen to draw up an official deed when he loaned a comparatively meager amount of R 20 lakh to his manager.

In 1992, when Om and Seema fought out a very public divorce battle in court, the actor had accused his then-wife of adultery.

Says a source close to Nandita, “On one hand Om calls Seema and her family parasites but runs back to her at every given chance. He seems to be very confused.”  

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