Is Sonam Kapoor's new app worth the attention? Find out

May 14, 2016, 14:00 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Whether you love or hate her, Sonam Kapoor's latest app is a great platform to stay updated on what's happening in the actress' life

What's common between Narendra Modi and Sonam Kapoor? Apart from being written about for their wardrobe, they both own personal apps. Few weeks ago, Sonam joined an exclusive league of international and (some national) celebs such as Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Tom Hanks and Snoop Dog, to run her own app, titled Sonam Kapoor. So, how good is Sonam's app, and is it worth the attention. Let's find out:

Sonam Kapoor

What we like
The app is currently available for free download on Android as well as iOS app store. Once you run the app, Sonam welcomes you via a video informing you of the app's unique features and her tribe (of fans). The app, she says, offers access to exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the red carpet, movie premieres, photo shoots, and make-up tutorials. But to access that, you must first sign-up using either an e-mail ID or your Facebook account.

The app is divided into multiple sections, each offering a unique type of information — so there's My Life, where you can check Sonam's social media feeds; Sonam Live, where you catch live streams from her; Style Mafia, where she gives fashion tips and talks about latest design wear; Workohol, where she talks about her work; and Chronicles, where she shares her travel diaries, movies, app exclusives, etc. There's also a MyTribe section where her fans (and stalkers) comment on
the actress.

The app also doubles up as a platform where Sonam's fans can buy tickets of events (that she likes or is promoting), take part in other promotional activities, and connect with each other.

What we don't
The app's layout is way too basic for a glamorous diva like Sonam. It could have done a lot better with perhaps, some innovative design rather than a blocky appearance. We are also not happy with the privacy policy, as the app makers can collect, store and share your personal information with third parties for related services as well as marketing promotions. So, if you see a surge in marketing emails, you now who to blame. Also, the actress needs to share updates regularly across sections, as some of them were almost a week old.

Our verdict
Overall, it's a win-win situation for Sonam to make some side moolah (we hear that Kim Kardashian West makes nine figures via her mobile gaming app) and her fans to stay updated on her. Also, Sonam has just given more than 220 million Indian smartphone users a new timepass i.e. ogle at her.

Things we learnt from Sonam Kapoor's app
She could use some help from a filming/photography class
>> Sonam should also get a better camera phone
>> She was in London yesterday, filming a dude in an Italian watering hole called Ciros

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