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Jun 04, 2012, 06:52 IST | Gauri Pradhan

We might be singing every other song, but singer KK's numbers tend to stay on with listeners for a really long time. And it could be because he chooses songs with good lyrics.

 “The right lyrics help me really connect with a number,” says KK, who has given hits like Pal, Zindagi Do Pal Ki, Maine Di Se Kaha and others. Taking a break from a recording, KK chats with CS about lyrics and his philosophy in life:

Who: KK 
What: Talking about lyrics now and then 
Where: At a studio in Andheri 

Musical connect
I like to finish a song and forget about it. It’s out of my system once I am out of the studio. I feel, if you mull over something too much, you keep finding faults in it and keep trying to better it. That would be endless. I believe in doing and feeling whatever it is in those two hours, not beyond that. Give it your 100 per cent in one go. For me, the lyrics matter a lot. If they don’t make sense, I can’t get the feel of the song. Though I may get the technicalities right, somewhere the emotions will be lacking. By God’s grace, I have not had to reject any song yet because of bad lyrics. Cheap and corny words put me off. But then, it’s your connect. If a singer can do it convincingly, then it’s fine. I can’t, and so, I won’t do it. Even if some good lyrics come to me, but they are beyond my grasp, I’ll be honest enough to step back.

Changing with the times
There are a lot of lyricists out there who can write good stuff, and I see a lot of great lyrics even now. It’s a bit different from what it used to be because we live in a very different society now. There was calmness in the olden times; now everyone’s in a hurry. So, you can’t compare the two. That’s wrong! When you try to see how much the music of those times related to that era, and how much today’s music relates to the present, you’ll find that we are not too far away.

Taking it easy
I don’t plan too much. I am too indisciplined. If you tell me, ‘KK come everyday at 10.30 am and do a song’; I’ll do that for two days and the third day you won’t find me. I’ll be suddenly out of town. My wife doesn’t have an option but to accept this behaviour of mine, but then this just shows that I am not a workaholic, which means I can have more family time.

Romantic at heart
I sometimes sing for my wife. But she playfully stops me from singing every time. She says, ‘Shut up! Don’t sing!’ And then I say, ‘Everybody wants me to sing and you are the only one who doesn’t want to hear me sing.’ (Gives a naughty smile) 

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