It's raining whimsy

Jun 10, 2012, 08:57 IST | Sunday MiD DAY Team

When you have a Kathakali mask on an umbrella, Obama on your flipflops, and cows on your laptop sleeve, you know the rains beckon. And step out you must, in this quirky and very, very useful rain gear

Stay stylish even when its wet with these funky umbrellas that showcase India in all its variety — from Rajasthani couples to Kathakali masks and cycles.
For: Rs 575 to Rs 825
At: The Bombay Store, Fort

It can’t get any cooler than this. Make a style statement with Barack Obama at your feet.
For: Rs 150
At: Roadside shops, Linking Road, Bandra (West)

This season when the floods overwhelm you, put on these gumboots and save your pedicured feet. Available in cheetah and checkered prints as well, these gumboots will help you wade through murky waters.
For: Rs 2,125
At: Sole to Soul, Linking Road Bandra (West)

If the monsoon gives you the blues, make sure it’s an electric shade.
For: Rs 5,025
At: The Attic, 17th Rd, Santacruz (w)

Gone are days when the dark, black clouds reflected in your rainy footwear. Colour your monsoon season with these purple peeptoes.
For: Rs 995
At: Sole to Soul, Linking Road, Bandra (West)

We know you don’t want to stay at home in the rains. Thanks to these sleek, no-frills waterproof cases, your phones and cameras won’t have to either.
For: Rs 800 (right) and Rs 2,250
At: It’s Our Studio, Tardeo, Mumbai
Call: 66608831

This bag has a Handle With Care sign, hands pointing fingers at one another and a matchbox. But that doesn’t mean you don’t take it seriously. It’ll keep your laptop away from water, and that matters. It really does.
For: Rs 800
At: Tappu Ki Dukaan, Fort, Mumbai

A copy of Crocs, these will complete your cool-dude look this monsoon. Priced at Rs 650, they’ll make sure you revise your bargaining skills before you hit the shops. 
For: Rs 350 (after bargaining)
At: Roadside shops, Linking Road, Bandra (west)
Call: 22043716

Unlike you, laptops must be kept as far away from the rains as possible. Peppered with the ‘Indian holy cow’, elephants and snake charmers, this water-resistant laptop sleeve will keep you and your laptop happy.
For: Rs 1, 350

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