January starts on a happy 'hike' for NMMT staff

Jan 23, 2014, 23:55 IST |

NMMT officials have declared a much-awaited increase in their employees’ salaries, effective from the beginning of the year

New Year brings good news for the NMMT staff. From the beginning of this year, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) officials have increased their employees’ salaries — a hike of 50 to 70 per cent. They believe that the rise in salary might just be the boost needed to work more efficiently. The hike applies to the salaries of drivers, conductors, mechanics and helpers.

Turning a new leafF? NMMT bus drivers have received flak for their poor behaviour and rash driving in recent times.
Turning a new leafT bus drivers have received flak for their poor behaviour and rash driving in recent times. File Pic

The decision was finalised after persistent requests by employees of the transport body for a raise. Speaking with MiD DAY, Anwar Shaikh, the chairman of NMMT, said, “The raise in salaries of the employees was a reasonable decision, taken in order to address the rising worry of inflation for the common man today. They seem happy with the increase.”

While discussing the various reasons for the hike, he said, “The performance of the drivers and conductors has also not been up to the mark for quite some time. Recently, we’ve received complaints from passengers regarding their rash driving and rude behaviour. We want our employees to understand that they are being paid for their work and should, therefore, do it efficiently. After realising that their salaries were a bone of contention, we decided to take this step. We hope it will bring a positive effect on their performance that will reflect on the feedback of the passengers.”

The increase in salary is like a New Year gift for the employees. Their appeal for a hike also factored in the additional workload due to the rise in the number of buses from the end of February, including 25 new Tata buses that came in December 2013 and 10 new mini buses that were brought in recently.

Hike Percentage

Mechanic 61%

Driver 64%

Conductor 69%

Helpers 59%

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