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May 16, 2012, 06:54 IST | Shakti Shetty

After a one and half year hiatus from Bollywood, Isha Koppikar is back. She is currently trying to setting up her production house and plans to make films that will make a difference to the society while staying within the commercial parameters.

“I took a slight break because I had to set up my business but now I’m looking at scripts as well. I have a couple of interesting projects in the pipeline, one of which is a Marathi film. The other will be made in Hindi and both of them are female oriented with strong characters.” Isha tells CS more about her plans:

Who: Isha Koppikar 
What: Talks about her future plans 

Marathi film industry
I want to contribute to the Marathi film industry and act in woman–centric movies as well. I feel that films are a huge medium in our country and can be used as a means to educate while being entertained. This thought occurred to me when I planned to set up my own NGO that would deal with the upliftment of the girl child apart from helping the underprivileged.

Revisiting item numbers
I love dancing and I’m open to even doing some great item numbers. I have done Khallas and Aaj Ki Raat and I want to do similar kinds of songs. I believe item numbers are a great crowd puller. When the trailer is out, the first look has to captivate them. If the first look is bad, then it’s tough to garner the footfall in the theatre. I have always believed in item songs. There’s nothing wrong in them. In fact, nowadays it has become almost mandatory for films to have item songs.

My first love
No matter what business I do, cinema and the various facets of cinema will always be my first love. I have decided to open my own production house as well, where we will be looking into making films that make a difference to the society. By this, I don’t mean preachy stuff, but cinema that educates.

Business plans
I plan to enter my husband’s family business as well. I will be starting my own chain of restaurants sometime in the near future. It’s a joint collaboration between me and one of my childhood friends. Keeping this in mind, I even attended a hospitality course in the US recently. I did a specialised course in coffee-making where I learned about various beans and blends of coffee. I have decided to bring all of it to India via my hospitality line. The restaurant line is my pet project that will have yummy food with a healthy twist as I am both a foodie and a gym freak. 

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