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Aug 06, 2012, 19:00 IST | HR

Position open for our head office in Mumbai


MiD DAY, Mumbai’s most exciting English-language tabloid, is looking for an Online Editor.
With monthly page views exceeding 20 million (for real, not a marketing spiel) and a constantly rising visitors’ graph, MiD DAY wants to make things happen in the online space.
And to do this, it requires someone with the energy of an army ant and the wisdom of a saintly guru. And anyone who can spot the mixed metaphor in that sentence may also consider applying, provided they meet the following requirements for the job:
1)       You have between eight and 10 years of experience at a leading news website, preferably in a 24x7 environment. 
2)       You are able to separate genuine news from bull crap.
3)       You are enthusiastic, able to handle intense pressure (including presenting 40-slide PowerPoints once in a while, all of which have to make sense), and have a proven track record of heading a news desk.
4)       You have at least a graduate degree in any field, but with a decent academic record. (If you can play the guitar and entertain us on a bad news day, you will be given preference).
5)       You know what social media is all about, and understand videos, podcasts and other things that make a news website a news website.
6)       You have the stomach to handle at least 50 crises a day. (OK, we are exaggerating, only 10 crises a day)
What the job entails
1)       You will handle a team of 12 talented online news professionals.
2)       You will ensure that the site is updated at all times, and is able to meet the requirements of world class news site.
3)       You will take the lead in all new online projects across the group and ensure that things work smoothly.
4)       You will be an integral part of the print newspaper’s editorial board, and will be involved in taking key day-to-day decisions, including the lead story and the edit.
5)       You will have to carry a whip all the time (which, of course, is smaller than the Executive Editor’s, but you will carry one nonetheless).
The position reports into the Executive Editor, and is based at the Mumbai headquarters of MiD DAY.
Well, we are quite generous when it comes to remuneration provided the chosen candidate for Online Editor is Batman plus something else. It will also depend on how much you are earning right now.
How to apply 
Send a cover letter (please don’t send a template cover letter which you may have sent to 10 other places) and your resume to
Please DO NOT attach files. Instead, both the cover letter and the resume should be part of the email body text.

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