Johnny Depp's big leap

Apr 14, 2012, 07:00 IST | The Hitlist Team

The Hollywood hunk has returned to his roots with a cameo in the film adaptation of his first TV show

Not everyone knows that Hollywood hottie Johnny Depp kick-started his career with the 1980s television show 21 Jump Street. And now, interestingly our favourite pirate was happy to return to his ‘Jump Street’ roots for a cameo in the hit Sony movie remake, with television castmate Peter DeLuise.

Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street in the 1980s

Teenage audiences of the movie were pleasantly surprised to see Depp’s hilarious cameo and took to twitter to discuss his apparently ‘random’ appearance in the movie. On the other hand, older crowds who literally grew up on the original television series were amused at the buzz the cameo created.

21 Jump Street star and executive producer Jonah Hill says he always wanted Johnny to make an appearance in the big screen adaptation of the show which made him famous. He believes the Hollywood hunk found it ‘cathartic’ as he left the show after the fourth season.

He said, ‘’It’s like stepping into the ‘Star Wars’ world, and trying to avoid Darth Vader. It was pretty crucial to me that Johnny came on board for a cameo. Once he agreed, it was a case of finding a funny way to do it. I reckon most people — if not all — will be hard-pressed to spot him until he steps forward.

Johnny’s a great sport, and always up for a laugh, so, he was pretty much game for anything. In the end, he felt it was cathartic too, a chance to say sorry, in a way, to his co-stars for bailing on them.’’

Jonah always wanted to see a big screen adaptation of the show and is thrilled he is the one who has made it happen. He added, ‘’In America, the show was a very big deal.

And it was such a neat idea for a comedy, I always had it in the back of my mind that someone should try and bring it to the big screen one day. I never thought it would be me. Well, I say that, but I was always secretly hoping it would be me, of course.’’ 

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