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Jan 09, 2012, 06:53 IST | Dhara Vora

If you love doughnuts and are bored of the available options, Miss U Donuts and Coffee is worth a visit

If you love doughnuts and are bored of the available options, Miss U Donuts and Coffee is worth a visit

Apart from being the newest donut chain in town, we were attracted to Miss U Donuts and Coffee thanks to the board outside proclaiming it as 'the ultimate love zone'. We visited their Matunga outlet to
investigate if the donuts, too, were lovely.

Miss U Donuts and Coffee at Matunga

Their location on a lane adjoining three colleges was perfect considering they serve yummy desserts and advertise themselves as a love zone.

The store's quirky wallpaper depicted animated flying saucer shaped donuts saying 'Eat Me Buddy'. Apart from that, the eatery was bathed in a cosy yellow light which we liked as well.

To back their love-zone claims they stocked heart-shaped donuts that can be bought in pairs. They were stacked alongside the usual circular ones.

Weightwatchers usually associate desserts with sin, so we were tempted to order the Dark Sin donut (Rs 60). Our attendant informed us that it was a dark chocolate-coated doughnut with a blueberry filling.
The chocolate was of the melt-in-your-mouth variety and the doughnuts were super-fresh. While it hardly took a minute for the doughnut to be wolfed down, our only grouse was that they were stingy with the filling.

Say Orangeeee, Lemony Sensual Spell

A perfect accompaniment to the doughnut would have been a cappuccino but coffee was unavailable at the newly-opened outlet.

Instead, we ordered Say Orangeeee (Rs 45), a regular donughnut with an orange-flavoured coating and a big chocolate smile. Though the donut was inviting with its colours and syrupy smile, it wasn't worth a second round.

We were on a citrus roll and opted for Sensual Spell (Rs 60) next. The only word that can describe this lemony donut is delicious. Even hardcore chocolate lovers will love this doughnut which leaves you feeling light, unlike other calorie-laden doughnuts.

Next, we had a chocolate dipped Alpha Omega with a chocolate filling. The filling was sadly insufficient. Our last order for the day was La Peach (Rs 45).

The only thing peachy about this light chocolate-dipped doughnut was the tidbit of preserved  peach in the centre. Apart from the two doughnuts which seemed to have been filled by Uncle Scrooge, Miss U donuts gets a thumbs up from us. All they have to do is get the coffee mugs filled soon.

At Miss U Donuts and Coffee, Amritlal Mansion, opposite Welingkar's Institute, Matunga (CR) and opposite Mini Punjab, 33rd Road, Bandra (W).
Miss U Donuts and Coffee didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals

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