Juhu rave party: 44 test positive for drugs

Jun 23, 2012, 00:30 IST | Samarth Moray

Police chief releases results after 44 samples collected at Cooper Hospital and sent to Kalina Forensic Lab return positive; results of samples sent to JJ, Bhabha awaited

Results of blood and urine samples, collected by the police at Cooper Hospital from 46 partygoers detained after the rave party bust at the Oakwood Hotel in Juhu last month, were handed over to Commissioner of Police Arup Patnaik last night.

Of the 92 samples collected at various hospitals in the city, 44 of the 46 samples collected at Cooper Hospital and sent to the Kalina Forensic Science Laboratory tested positive for drug abuse, while the remaining samples sent to two other hospitals are yet to be released.

The bust sent partygoers across the city into a tizzy after several celebrities and models, including two Indian Premier League (IPL) cricketers, were detained and taken to hospitals for blood and urine tests.

In the eye of the storm: Partygoers who were caught during the raid at the Oakwood hotel being taken for their medical tests. File Pic

The samples collected from the two cricketers are among those sent to JJ Hospital and Bhabha Hospital and are yet to be released.

The test results, which include those of 38 women, were released by Patnaik last night.

The results prove that 27 individuals tested positive for cannabis, one female detainee tested positive for MDMA and the remaining 16 samples tested positive for both MDMA and cannabis. Those who have tested positive will now be booked under the NDPS Act.

Patnaik said that of the 4,000 tracks seized from the DJ who was playing during the bust, 95 per cent is trance music. “The party invites were sent from a website called isratrance.com, and the message on the invites said ‘support the music not the drugs’. Besides being tested for drugs, the samples were also analysed for presence of alcohol. This was mainly a drug party. MDMA is also called sizzler in party circles,” Patnaik said.

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