Kababs under the open sky

May 20, 2014, 21:00 IST | Kanika Sharma

The Kabab Adda is the new avatar of former coffee place, Coffee Adda in Andheri. With a new management and menu, the place promises value for money nibbles, especially during after hours

The Kabab Adda
Food: Good
Service: Warm
Ambiance: No frills

Running an eatery is no easy business in the fast city of ours. A testimony to this is the outlet we dropped by for a quick bite. It was only last year that the modestly furnished place was called Coffee Adda that boasted of one of the best fries we had ever tasted. Now in a different avatar, the place was called The Kabab Adda dropping the coffee entirely out of the equation.

Pankhudi Kabab
With a nice ring to Pankhudi Kabab’s name, we immensely enjoyed digging into it

On a weeknight, we decided to climb up the terraced adda that sported wrought iron furniture, a no-frills ambiance and a welcoming host for the night. The place is reminiscent of many nonchalant joints in North India that have a casual tandoor, shawarma machine, a wide tawa and ilk, serving hot food. We braced ourselves for a treat and ordered — Tawa Kaleji ('150), Non Veg Mixed Platter - an Adda special ('200), Chicken Tawa ('155) and Paneer Takatak ('120).

Kabab Adda in Andheri
The fact that all dishes are cooked right in front of our eyes gives an earthy appeal to the place

The modest establishment has one perk that most restaurants lack, an open yawping sky that makes the skyscraper-dotted skyline dissolve for a while. Our Non Veg Platter arrived after tantalising pieces of chicken were charred in their own fat in front of us. Three kinds of kebabs comprised it — Pankhudi Kabab, Nizami Kabab and Kali Mirch Kabab.

Kabab Adda in Andheri
The Kali Mirch Kabab is safely your best bet for the evening. Pics/Nimesh Dave

The three can be chosen from a variety of kababs that are on offer. Picking the wings i.e. Pankhudi Kabab from the sizzling platter, we sunk our teeth in soft and juicy tender pieces of chicken that easily came off the bone. The Kali Mirch Kabab was the best of the lot with its melt in the mouth goodness. Lastly, Nizami Kabab was promised to have a hint of curry leaves, which was a little hard to decipher. Also, being slightly less juicy it did look out of place in the lot.

As the binging was on, Tawa Kaleji and Chicken Tawa were served in no time. The Kaleji was packed with oodles of flavour and a gravy that was laced with caramelised onions and capsicum. The Tawa dish on the other hand, felt a little more of food colour than actual flavour, that could have otherwise made us wipe our plate clean. Paneer Takatak was another decent dish, keeping aside the time it took. We also hearted their crisp and soft roomalis. Extremely humble, paper plated, and affable, the place is only for those who don’t mind dining in non air-conditioned environs.

Otherwise, there’s always the takeaway to fall back on.

At: 501/502, Adarsh Nagar, Oshiwara, Mhada Colony, Andheri (W). Call 33487785

The Kabab Adda didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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