Kangna Ranaut: The new-age flower child

Jan 19, 2014, 08:58 IST | Itee Sharma

Kangana Ranaut, who plays a small-town girl on a solo honeymoon to Europe in her next film 'Queen', talks about the film, her counterparts in the industry, life and more...

Your next film is named Queen. Did you ever dream of becoming a queen when you were a child?
Not really. I never thought of being a queen. The irony of the film title is that though her name, Rani, means a queen, circumstances don’t treat her like one.

Some kids fantasise about being a bride. Did you too?
No. I wanted to be The Little Mermaid. I still hope to see one some day.

Going by the promos of Queen, it looks strikingly different from your earlier films.
People do copy a lot of stuff but Queen is one of those original films; you don’t have any DVD as a reference point. In Queen the way it all fell into place is different too — I decided to write my own lines and the camera was hand-held at times. The approach to the staging of the scenes was very raw and organic. I knew it was going to be something nice, but didn’t know it would turn out so well.

Kangna Ranaut, 'Queen'
Kangna Ranaut

The promos are full of one-liners. Did you decide what lines should be included in it?
No. I don’t have so much time; the makers of the promos have done a good job. I didn’t ponder over the punch lines as a writer, my lines just came from my heart… about how I thought a girl would react in
that situation.

In the promos, you say, ‘Mera sense of humour kaafi achcha hai’. How would you rate your own sense of humour?
It must be pretty good, because I wrote that line (giggles). I like to believe that I have a great sense of humour. I make attempts to crack jokes. But men in this country don’t have a sense of humour. They feel an actress can’t crack jokes. People want us (women) to be a certain way. When we come across as funny and confident, men don’t know how to handle us.

There’s a line in the film about Emraan Hashmi being the best kisser in India.
Emmi (Emraan)called me, he loved the line. That is the spirit most of us actors have. That line wasn’t meant to offend anyone. When I wrote that line, I didn’t even remotely
think that I know Emraan on a personal level.

Director Vikas Bahl’s first film, Chillar Party, bagged the National Award. Did that play a part in you doing this film?
Yes. You have to like someone’s work to be part of his cinema. Vikas is courageous to make a film on this subject. I like the change Queen goes through — it is not one of those typical changes, where she goes abroad wearing salwar kameez and comes back wearing a mini skirt. She comes back wearing the same clothes yet she has changed inside. We aren’t telling you whether it is good to wear a salwar kameez or not, or whether you should leave your hair open or tie it up… most filmmakers in the past have focused on that, but Rani goes as a behenji and stays a behenji.

The film has remixed the 1970s hit number Hungama ho gaya. Are you a loud and wild person in reality?
Now, I am not much of a hungama person. But I have been through a phase where I would go wild at parties. I didn’t know at which parties I was suppose to stand and enjoy, and at which ones I could dance madly.

Would you ever consider going on a honeymoon alone?
Rani and I are very different. I am the person she becomes at the end of her journey. I am a sorted person, I don’t have any issues with myself. Confidence was never a problem
for me.

How has your own journey been in the industry?
Beautiful. I started with no awareness. But now I am in control.

How do you look at the ‘100 crore’ heroine tag?
My film Krrish 3 has done the biggest business this year. I am very happy with my career and choice
of films.

Do you feel disappointed when your films such as I Love New Year are delayed?
Yes, I do feel disappointed.

Vidya Balan’s film Shaadi Ke Side Effects is releasing on the same day as Queen. Are you looking forward to the competition?
I don’t know. It is not very clever for two films to release on the same day. I hope either of us shifts the release date.

What do you plan next?
After completing a one-month scriptwriting course from the New York Film Academy, I will get busy with the promotions of Queen.

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