Karan Kundra slams troll for calling girlfriend Anusha Dandekar 'prostitute'

Jul 01, 2016, 15:40 IST | mid-day online correspondent

TV actor Karan Kundra hits back at a female 'fan' for slut-shaming his girlfriend Anusha Dandekar and calling her 'cheap' and a 'prostitute'. Here's how the drama unfolded...

TV actor Karan Kundra and VJ Anusha Dandekar confirmed their relationship in December 2015 and have been going strong since. Karan and Anusha don't shy away from PDA and share several intimate pictures on Instagram.


The couple is back in news again, and this time for being the target of internet trolls.

Karan Kundra had posted a photo of his girlfriend Anushka Dandekar and himself, to which a follower commented, "She looks like a prostitute."


When it came to Karan's notice, he hit back at the 'fan' and wrote, "I do not want fans like these.. If you've been brought up in such kind of filthy ways.. And belong to the lowest scums of humans plz I beg of you.. Do not be a fan and make me sad! The worst part is that the account is run by a girl!! A GIRL!! I can't imagine what pathetic mindset of people must she belong to that she can talk like this about another girl!"


My favourite girl in my favourite colour! Edible 😈😘

A photo posted by Karan Kundra (@kkundra) onJun 12, 2016 at 7:31am PDT


Read his entire post here:


Don't you love Karan Kundra for standing up for his girlfriend?

Here are some more pictures shared by the couple on Instagram:


Happiness sunshine drive my battak 🐤#Repost @vjanusha ・・・ So I know I'm late, I just couldn't find time between my shoot to watch the #Roadies #Finale... I finally did & I have to tell you... I was on the phone from LA throughout the journey with Karan & I would hear how challenging, tiring & emotional it got but couldn't imagine it until I saw... I know Karan's team performed & held their own till the end, it's not easy being the under dog & targeted all the time, so I congratulate each & every one of them... Honestly though, you just can't get through it unless you have a leader that not only inspires, motivates, strengthens, spreads positivity, feels pain when you do, stands tall even when you can't & most of all teaches you to dust it off, shake it off & try again. All this whilst playing honest, staying honest & with a full heart of kindness! Imagine I get to be with this man every day, how lucky am I?! He deserved to win hands down, he is the perfect leader, a kind soul & genuinely a great guy. Congratulations baby, so so proud... My love @kkundra ❤ï¸Â

A photo posted by Karan Kundra (@kkundra) onJun 23, 2016 at 3:40am PDT


Took her to where I'd like to shop ;) #bigboytoys @bigboytoyz_india last night in Delhi

A photo posted by Karan Kundra (@kkundra) onMay 22, 2016 at 3:33am PDT


And then there's her! @vjanusha

A photo posted by Karan Kundra (@kkundra) onApr 15, 2016 at 4:05am PDT


And I am...😥❤ï¸Â

A photo posted by Anusha (@vjanusha) onJan 27, 2016 at 10:32am PST


Wish I was there... In that exact moment...❤ï¸Â

A photo posted by Anusha (@vjanusha) onJan 20, 2016 at 9:52am PST


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