Katrina has a wonderful sense of clarity: Shah Rukh Khan

Published: Dec 28, 2012, 09:45 IST | The Centerstage Team

Shah Rukh Khan might have worked with some of the greatest actresses in his career but he has a special place for Katrina Kaif

Turns out SRK has nothing but good words to say about the Brit-accented leggy lass. Having worked with her recently for the first time, the actor feels he learned a lot from her! “She has a wonderful sense of clarity.

Katrina Kaif

People keep saying that she’s hardworking but if you ask me, that’s a prerequisite in this industry. It was very shocking to learn how she’s very clear of the direction in which the film is heading. I’m not patronizing her, just saying what is true,” the Bollywood Baadshah told CS.

Why did Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan make news this week?

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