Kavita Seth dedicates spiritual songs to her husband

Jun 22, 2012, 08:56 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Kavita Seth, who became a household name ever since she sang Iktara, recently held a concert where she dedicated some spiritual songs to her husband

“Singing songs dedicated to him is my way of thanking him for all the love and support he had shown in our marriage,” says Kavita. CS gets her talking about spirituality and the changing trends in the Indian music scenario:

Changing times
Change is the only constant thing in life. After so many changes and difficult situations in my life, I’ve somewhere started to approach and see life in a very different and positive light. Also these days, the audience is very flexible and wants to hear a singer singing across genres. So, even if I am known for my Sufi songs, I hope my fast-beat song Tumhi Ho Bandhu will be well received.I believe in going with the flow, while making sure that the flow is favourable and in sync with my liking. So, I chose songs that I was doing, but didn’t go completely on another tangent. At the same time, a planned life is in a way boring and restricts you from exploring new areas.

Passionately spiritual
I am completely into spirituality. I feel music is the best way to remain connected with God. In today’s rush to fulfil commitments, the best way to remain connected with God is through your passion; be it anything, playing an instrument, singing or dancing. For me, it certainly is music. Singing is my life; it is everything to me.

Nonsensically hit
I certainly think that the nonsensical lyrics today are a bad trend and definitely have no life. These songs are heavily dependent on promotions; the minute you stop promoting them, they die out. Meaningful lyrics are the key to an evergreen song. If I were offered a song with such meaningless lyrics, I would certainly reject it. For me, the quality of work is way more pertinent than the quantity of work. It is sad to see so many singers just looking at the current situation and money without realising that good work remains in one’s mind forever. 

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