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May 28, 2013, 06:38 IST | Kranti Vibhute

Toppers in CBSE's Std X examinations share the secret of their success; the pass percentage for boys in Maharashtra was higher than girls, other states across the country saw girls trumping boys again

The Central Board of Secondary Education for Chennai region - which comprises of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshdweep, Daman and Diu and Puducherry - declared the All India Secondary School Examination 2012-13 results for X and XII grade late last evening. The Chennai region has around 2,338 schools.

A Sregurupriya

Repeating history, the pass percentage of girls was higher than that of boys in the Chennai region. The total number of students appearing from the Chennai region including Maharashtra for the Std X examination was 97,837 and 97,695 qualified with 99.85 pass percentage in boys and 77,128 girls appeared while 77,057 qualified with 99.91 pass percentage.

99 per cent club
Of the 17,671 boys who had appeared for the CBSE’s Std X board exam, 17,657 qualified for the examination. The pass percentage of boys from Maharashtra came up to 99.92 per cent. Whereas of the 11,896 girls who appeared for the exam, 11,851 qualified, making a pass percentage of 99.85 per cent.

Tanvi Kulkarni Aakash Krishnakumar
Toppers from RN Podar School celebrate their win with teachers and parents by distributing sweets. A Sregurupriya scored 99 per cent in her Std X CBSE examination, Tanvi Kulkarni scored 97.4 per cent in Std XII CBSE examination and topped the science stream and Aakash Krishnakumar scored 98.8 per cent

Whereas for the 12th Board exam, 6,281 boys and 4,966 girls appeared from Maharashtra. About 5,818 boys passed the examination and 4,739 girls made the cut. The pass percentage of boys from the state was 92.63 per cent and that of girls was 95.43 per cent. Maharashtra’s overall pass percentage for CBSE’s Std XII examination was 93.87 per cent.

Top of the class
A Sregurupriya (15), a Std X student from R N Podar, who scored an impressive 99 per cent, believes that loving the thing you do gives you the best results. She said, “Love what you study. If you pay attention you need not sacrifice anything while studying.” She doesn’t seem lured by the carefree environment that Mumbai’s colleges offer and wants to continue studying in her school.

Talking about her plans for a career Sregurupriya said, “I wish to pursue law though my father is an engineer. My grandfather is a lawyer and I want to be like him. I give the credit of my success to my parents as they were there for emotional support and my school teachers helped me score well in the boards.”

Marks for sports
Student of Arya Gurukul in Kalyan, Riya Bhaktiani (15), a national level sports player who scored 97.6 per cent in her CBSE Std X examination said, “Both my parents are from a teaching background which was an advantage as they helped me with tough subjects like Mathematics.” Bhaktiani played state level Volleyball and her team won the third position in a national level championship held in Ghaziabad.

“I scored 488 out of 500, had there been an additional 25 marks for sports I would have scored a perfect 100,” Bhaktiani added, who wishes to be an astronaut and wants to pursue engineering to follow her dream.
Against all odds, Devansh Iyer, (15) a Std X student, who scored 91.6 per cent lost his mother to cancer just a month before his exams were due.

Iyer said, “My mother wanted to live till my results came out. The hospital’s negligence took my mum away from me. But I still managed to get above 90 per cent, as she wanted me to score above 90. I am sure I could have scored better had she been there.” He wishes to pursue engineering.

Std XII toppers
A science stream topper amongst Std XII CBSE students, Tanvi Kulkarni (18), who scored 97.4 per cent, said, “Our school has an integrated programme with IITian Pace that helps us to prepare for IIT JEE exam. That preparation helped me a lot in scoring well. I have decided to go abroad for my chemical engineering studies. Scoring better is only possible when you are attentive in your studies and know the concepts well.”

Another Std XII student, Aakash Krishnakumar (18) scored 98.8 per cent in commerce. He said, “I was very chilled out and didn’t worry much. In my school we had four prelims which helped me prepare for the exams.” Krishnakumar who wants to be a CA is preparing for his CPT exams due in June. “My parents are Income Tax officials and they are one of the reasons I want to pursue CA,” he said. 

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