Kim Kardashian accuses airlines of stealing

May 29, 2012, 06:16 IST | Agencies

The reality star has slammed British Airways for removing 'sentimental items' from her suitcase

Reality television star Kim Kardashian has accused British Airways of stealing from her luggage. The reality star claimed her visit to Europe ended on a sour note after ‘sentimental’ items were removed from her suitcase.

She had recently been on a promotional trip to London to film scenes for her latest TV show and then flew on to Cannes. In a series of tweets last night, she wrote: “Very disappointed in British Airways for opening my luggage & taking some special items of mine! Some things are sentimental & not replaceable.

What happened to the days when you could lock your bags! We need to get back to that. There’s no sense of security & no trust! Shame on you.” The mind boggles at what exactly was taken from the professional self-publicist’s bags to prompt her to launch the verbal attack.

But as she said the items were not replaceable — it’s probably not the kind of item that may cause embarrassment. British Airways said when contacted that they are ‘aware’ of the accusation and are ‘looking into it.

BA is highly respected in the world of air travel and celebrated it’s 90th anniversary in 2009. Kim is back in Los Angeles after a whistle-stop promotional tour of London, and then a week at the Cannes International Film Festival where her beau, rapper Kanye West debuted his short film.

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