King Googlyan predicts Shimron Hetmyer's MOM performance in 5th ODI between India and West Indies

Nov 01, 2018, 13:40 IST | Rahul Ramakrishnan

King Googlyan is back in the mid-day office to predict the final ODI between India and West Indies in Thiruvananthapuram, will the royal lemur's prediction be accurate or will he fail? Read to know more

King Googlyan predicts Shimron Hetmyer's MOM performance in 5th ODI between India and West Indies
Jason Holder (Pic/AFP)

After missing his prediction mark in the 2nd ODI between India and West Indies (King predicted India win and the match was a tie), King Googlyan once again did the disappearing act and was untraceable for the 3rd and 4th ODI. This did not go down well with and the online media portal as punishment deducted Googlyan's monthly allowance. Now the King has to buy his breakfast and also pay for his transportation to commute for covering the matches.

King Googlyan's version: While he did not have answers for why he could not do predictions for the 3rd and 4th ODI, King Googlyan pleaded his case saying that he had gone to watch the 4th ODI in Mumbai in a bid to predict the ODI series' outcome, but he got conned.

According to 'your highness,' he was contacted by two locals, who he had befriended during his drinking night out at a shady bar in Grant Road, Read Here The duo promised the king that they had the costliest VIP tickets of Wankhede Stadium at a throwaway price only for him so that he could enjoy the action between India vs West Indies match from the exclusive seating area, which they said was away from the crowd.

Though, King Googlyan did not have enough money to buy the ticket, the offer was too good to let go and the royal lemur's ego was too big to sit with regular humans in the regular stands, so he went to a gold shop and mortgaged his 12-carat gold necklace and bought the VIP ticket from the duo and reached Wankhede stadium an hour prior to the start of the match.

An hour passed and the King was still seated all alone in Wankhede with no sign of players or spectators when he realised something was amiss. A nervous King finally located the watchman and asked him why there was no one at the ground yet, the guard, who was busy watching squirrels fight on the pitch, looked at the royal lemur in an irritated manner and replied that everyone knew that the match had been shifted to the Brabourne Stadium, which was a couple of blocks away. 

The King realised that there was still 5 minutes remaining for the first ball to be bowled at the Brabourne, so a determined King Googlyan decided to brave the heat and dashed towards the Brabourne stadium to watch the match. King Googlyan reached the VIP entrance security gate of the Brabourne stadium a minute before the scheduled start and was excited that he made it. 

But to his dismay, the security at the entrance saw that the ticket and shooed the King away saying that the ticket was of Wankhede and not Brabourne, and thus the royal lemur was out of the ground before the match started.

Feeling cheated, dejected and hungry after running a 800-metre marathon (King's version) from Wankhede to Brabourne, the King looked around for options. An interesting food stall at the corner of the road called Agarkar's Bombay Ducks attracted his attention. The royal lemur, who has a liking for tasty ducks was surprised to see Ajit Agarkar behind the stall serving hot Bombay ducks. Thus King Googlyan spent the evening at Agarkar's food stall, listening to Agarkar's story of how and why he started the food stall business after retirement.

Private message for King Googlyan
While your highness was busy relishing Bombay ducks with Ajit Agarkar at the latter's food stall, Rohit Sharma (162) and Ambati Rayadu (100) helped India register a mammoth 224-run win in the fourth ODI in Mumbai.

After presenting his case, the King asked the team to reconsider the punishment for his absence and atleast give back his breakfast allowance facility, which the mid-day team refused. A dejected King packed his bags and headed to Kerala for the final ODI at Thiruvanathapuram.

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In the fifth and final ODI to be held between India and West Indies in God's own country at Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala. King Googlyan will be attending and predicting the match after a day out in a house boat in the beautiful back-waters of Kerala(Kindly read below)


King Googlyan IND vs WI, 5th ODI Prediction:

King Googlyan’s pre-game mood: The royal lemur is feeling refreshed and relaxed after a relaxing day in a house boat in the back-waters in Kerala, sipping away on local todi. (famous alcohol of Kerala)

Toss Prediction: Virat Kohli will win the toss and make it 5 succesful toss wins in the series, he will elect to bat first.

Match Stars: Shimron Hetmyer to score a quick-fire century and help West Indies chase down India's target.

Highlight Moment: A streaker will invade the pitch while Jason Holder is batting, after interrogation, the streaker will reveal that he entered the pitch because Jason Holder had ran away with his coconuts. The Windies captain is a hot favourite among coconut poachers to pluck coconuts from the trees because of his height. 

Match Winner: West Indies to win the match after Shimron Hetmyer's inspirational knock, which will help West Indies to chase down India's target and end the 5-match ODI series all square at 2-2

In case you didn't know: The India-West Indies series features two Tests, five One Day Internationals and three T20 Internationals. The series will be played from October 4 to November 11 across various cities in India, after which the Indian team will go on a tour to Australia in November

All Hail King Googlyan!

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