Kiran Bedi joining BJP was destiny: Husband Brij

Feb 06, 2015, 06:58 IST | PTI

Till a day before joining BJP, Kiran Bedi had no intention to "join politics" but things changed after she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, her husband said today.

Chandigarh: Till a day before joining BJP, Kiran Bedi had no intention to "join politics" but things changed after she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, her husband said today. "Before her joining BJP we were not at all interested in politics. A day before joining BJP, she said there is no chance of joining politics," said Brij Bedi.

6Kira Bedi
Kiira Bedi

"Then she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and she was convinced by the party...she rang me up and said destiny is
taking somewhere else then I said ok," he told PTI. He said she joined politics, taking it as a challenge and he supported Bedi when she decided to foray into politics.

"Why will not I support her decision of joining politics? She is an intelligent woman and I had always supported her, though we do not stay together but it is not that support is not there," he said. When asked whether he is hopeful of BJP's victory, he said, "I think so...If BJP comes to power in Delhi then Delhi will gain, if they do not win, then Delhi will lose," Brij runs a school in Amritsar for providing free education to poor children.

Brij Bedi stressed that clean and good people should join politics to bring positive change in the country and contribute to nation's development. "We have to change our mindset. We have to stop cribbing, criticism, condemning people. Everyone of us should contribute to the society," he said.

Asked what he thinks about AAP's Arvind Kejriwal, Bedi said he is into "over promising" people. "He (Kejriwal) over promises, I will do this, do that..." they are far from realty, he said. He said that people get disappointed when politicians who over promises during election could not fulfill them after victory.

He was also impressed by AAP when it was formed. "When AAP came into existence, everyone was impressed by its movement," he said. When asked whether he was also impressed by AAP, he said, "100 per cent."  "They (AAP) did not show maturity. The way they had come to power, they should have not run away...they should not have resigned," he said.

Asking voters to be "selfish", Bedi said that voters should think before exercising their franchise. "People must be selfish. They should consider what will they get if they chose to vote for one political party and if they chose to vote for another political party," he said.

He cited an example of Amritsar parliamentary constituency which was represented by Captain Amarinder Singh of Congress during 2014 Lok Sabha polls. Amarinder defeated BJP candidates Arun Jaitley from Amritsar seat. "What people of Amritsar gained from Amarinder's victory (in Lok Sabha polls). It is zero," he said as neither Amarinder's party has government in the state nor at the Centre.

"For two months, garbage was not lifted (in Amritsar)," he claimed. Bedi stressed on developing under-developed areas, saying then the country could see positive change. "Development should start from bottom. We see development usually starts from posh area. Backward areas need to be developed first, then there will be a change in the country otherwise there will be no change," he said.

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