Knot a smooth beginning

Published: 09 December, 2013 07:35 IST | Dhara Vora |

As Murphy's law goes, when "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". And, when it is the case of weddings, this law applies tenfold, even if you have an army of wedding planners. With the wedding season in full swing, we invited a few married folks to confide some of their funniest D-Day moments so that you can avoid these goof-ups. Hope MiDDAY's readers have as much fun, as we did while compiling this delightful package

Look Ma, no pants!
A and B were to be married happily ever after but A, forgot his pants! That’s a very hilarious yet common twist in the tale. A situation like this usually results in searching a member from the party who is wearing a matching pair of pyjamas / trousers so that the groom can face the guests on stage in something passable till the actual pair is fetched from back home. We have even heard of a story where the videographer’s pants were borrowed forcing him to lock himself up. The poor photographer instead, ended up doing the videographer’s share, so that the groom stayed ‘covered’.

Illustrations: Amit Bandre

Hic! Hic! Hurrah at my shaadi
For several friends of the groom and the bride and long-lost uncles, the sole importance that weddings hold is alcohol. Though as one red-faced friend confided in us, getting drunk on your own wedding is something you shouldn’t try out. We understand all the pressure, the demands to meet all needs, as well as the last day of singledom can be stressful, but it is best to avoid this situation, only if you don’t mind being fodder for gossip for generations to come.

Lord of the rings? Not quite
Wedding outfit: check; flowers: check; hair and make-up: check. But, one essential element that several to-be-weds forget is the ultimate binding factor, the rings! A solution to this problemis letting someone apart from the father or mother of the groom/ bride or anyone with fewer tasks in hand is made the in-charge as the poor parents are burdened with a million errands, already.

The runaway shoes
Hiding the groom’s shoes to ask for a ransom is common knowledge. Though, one Mr Dulha decided to act smart and hid his shoes in a scooter. Sadly, the owner of the scooter wasn’t informed and unknowingly scooted away with the shoes. If you want to avoid this real-life situation when planning to think of a way to dodge the sister-in-laws from looting you, better involve a close aide in the crime to not end up as the victim.

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