Know the new India, Sonia Gandhi tells Congress

Jan 19, 2013, 07:41 IST | Agencies

Congress chief yesterday asked party leaders not to alienate the middle class from the political process; urged them not to indulge in pompous displays of wealth, lead a simple life and be rooted

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi yesterday urged party leaders to understand the ‘new India’, not to alienate the middle class while honestly assessing its ‘strengths and weaknesses’ as she set the tone for a three-day conclave that will draw an ideological and policy roadmap for the 2014 general elections.

Sonia Gandhi addresses the delegates at the opening session of the three-day Chintan Shivir in Jaipur. The meet will conclude on January 20 with the AICC session, likely to be attended by over 1,200 delegates from across the country. Pic/AFP

“Such meetings provide a forum for an honest conversation amongst ourselves on our strengths and weaknesses,” Gandhi told the leaders at the Chintan Shivir, a brainstorming session to review the past and finalise strategy for the future.

According to Gandhi, the conclave came at a time when the ‘party has been in power for nine years’ but ‘is not governing a number of states and faces serious challenges in states long considered its bastions.’ She also noted the significantly larger presence of younger leaders resonating with the demographic reality of the country and reflected the party’s priority.

Besides Gandhi, PM Manmohan Singh and party general secretary Rahul Gandhi, around 350 delegates, besides members of youth Congress and NSUI are attending the meet. They will debate issues like political and economic challenges, foreign affairs, women’s empowerment, and organisational strength.

Atrocities on women were a blot on India’s collective conscience, Gandhi said in the wake of the countrywide protests over the brutal torture and gang rape of a woman in Delhi last month. She also exhorted the leaders to understand the ‘new India’, keeping in mind the flash mobs that sprang up in the national capital on the gang-rape issue recently and on corruption last year and caught the government unawares.

People were fed up with corruption, Gandhi told party workers saying an increasingly assertive middle class can’t be allowed to be alienated from the political process. With nine states going to polls this year and a direct fight with the BJP in five of them, Gandhi asked party workers to be united and give up personal ambitions and egos. “Why do we forget the simple truth that in the party’s victory, lies the victory of each one of us,” she said.

Gandhi said the party squandered many opportunities because it could not function as a disciplined and united team. Stressing on building leadership at all levels, she said performance rather than patronage should be the ladder for rising in the party. Gandhi also asked the leaders not to indulge in pompous displays of wealth, lead a simple life and be rooted. Urging the leaders to speak freely and frankly, Gandhi said the quality of debate within would be crucial to the Congress’ future as a political force.

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