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Krsna Mehta like Ajay Devgn may be in need of a couple of vowels, but like the star makes up with bucketfuls of talent.

>> Krsna Mehta like Ajay Devgn may be in need of a couple of vowels, but like the star makes up with bucketfuls of talent.

This South Mumbai artist, designer, creative impresario, and heir to a leading design family has sent in pictures of his latest venture Your family and You, in which he creates exquisite and one of a kind family portraits using silk screens, digital photography, print, paint and embroidery.

The results are things of beauty and joys forever and we hear, it’s the latest craze amongst well-heeled Mumbaikars. What’s more Krsna’s approach is more contextual and is a wonderful snapshot of contemporary India.

Krsna Mehta’s new artwork

“The everyday auto rickshaw, steel tiffin boxes and chai glasses are all rendered extraordinary amidst bright colours and contemporary patterns,” says the artist.

Amadeus Ole!
>>  Another big-ticket brunch on the last Sunday of this month will be Dilshad and Farrokh Khambatta’s first anniversary celebration of their restaurant Amadeus.

Dilshad and Farrokh Khambatta

When we look at how the restaurant and party room has become so much a part of Mumbai’s nightlife, it’s hard to imagine that the upmarket Spanish eatery has only been around a year.

Amadeus and Cafe Zoe

In fact, what a good year it’s been for young foodies in Mumbaikars – with Café Zoe, The Table and Amadeus adding to the already great standalone dining options in the city.

Director Ratna
>>  The enormously gifted Ratna Pathak, daughter of the late and iconic Dina Pathak, whose presence in Hindi films is sorely missed, is taking the directorial baton from her husband Naseeruddin Shah’s able hands this week with her staging of A Walk In the Woods.

Naseerudin Shah and Ratna Pathak

An adaptation of American playwright Lee Blessing’s Pulitzer-nominated play, Ratna has given the play relevance and a contemporary flavour by adapting it to Indian settings and replacing the leads (originally Russian and American diplomats) with a Pakistani diplomat and his Indian counterpart. That Ratna and Naseeruddin, two of India’s finest artistes and social commentators have chosen to turn their attention to the subcontinent and all its challenges is reason enough to welcome this venture. That it is a new direction for an actress who has so much to say of value on so many subjects is another. Rahul Dacunha, the man who gave India one of its best-adapted plays I am not Bajirao, highly recommends the play too. On at the NCPA till Sunday, this one’s a don’t-miss.

More sax please — we’re Indian!
>>  Word has it that bizman and weekend sax player Amar Sukhi, a member of the Bombay Chamber Orchestra is organising a party that will please city Jazz lovers for sure. It’s to celebrate the birthday of the grand old man of sax in India, the evergreen Jazzy Joe (Pereira,) on his 85th birthday.

Joe Pereira aka Jazzy Joe 

To be held on Sunday, July 29, at the Soul Fry Casa, the hosts intend to invite as many musicians who have had the honour and privilege of playing in various different bands with the legendary and much loved Jazzy Joe in his 60 years of performance. Says Ernest Flanagan, another of Mumbai’s talented and popular musicians, “Jazzy Joe is one of the finest musicians to grace the various jazz and pop stages of India and abroad and in his long innings as a professional musician and teacher has done much to encourage the development of music in India. A multi-instrumentalist and humble to boot, few know that he plays the violin, piano and various wind instruments.” The Beer and Biryani brunch that will feature many of Mumbai’s popular musicians including members of Jazzy Joe’s own big band The Jazz Junkies, sounds exactly the kind of warm-up a rainy Mumbai afternoon deserves!

Irene Saldanha RIP
>>  This column appreciates iconic teachers. Those men and women who come into our lives and impact them in a positive way. Which is why, we would like to pay tribute to Irene Saldanha, who passed away this week and who used to be the principal of Cathedral’s Junior School many years ago.

Irene Saldanha

No, she never taught us, but as a parent of an exuberant little boy, we had many pleasant encounters with her. There she used to be statuesque and imposing with a booming voice that could silence a hall in a second. But what a heart of gold she had and under that traditional garb we discovered lay a progressive, child- friendly soul. And yes, it’s politically incorrect we know, but we liked that she smoked elegantly and without apology when she was taking a break and on her own. As Ranjit R Ahuja, entrepreneur and ex-Cathedralite says, “She was a perennial part of all our early lives, and a very special mentor of mine.” Mass is tentatively planned at Holy Name Cathedral (opp YMCA) Colaba, for Friday at 3.30 pm.

Keeping Time with Nari
>> Nari Kumar, the cerebral fashion designer messaged to invite us next week to the launch of A Journey In Time, the 2012 calendar, he conceived and created for the Swiss.

Narendra Kumar

The designer who we know from a different avatar — when he was one of the few brave people who worked tirelessly to bring relief to the victims of the Bombay riots in the ‘90s — is not a drip when it comes to parties we’re happy to say. “Mark it in your diary,” he writes “ for cocktails and a great time at the renovated Liberty cinema in its new avatar.” We like! 

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