Legends of Rock come alive

Apr 04, 2013, 00:04 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

The Guide caught up with the Classic Rock band Retro Legendary Act (RLA), who are slated to perform in Pune today

Music band Retro Legendary Act (RLA) is set to wow the city with a power-packed performance today. The bandmates include Vijay Joshi (vocals), Ritesh Ohol (lead guitars), Vijay Murthy (bass guitars), Vatayan (drums) and Jeson Fillipose (keyboard). The Retro performance line-up will include Reggae, Soft Rock, Pop-Rock, Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Hard Rock.

Lead guitarist of the band Ritesh Ohol

RLA is known for their Rock ‘n’ Roll, Soft Rock and Heavy Metal unplugged gigs which have gained popularity amongst collegians. They have also performed at corporate gigs and concerts. RLA was formed in early 2005 when a bunch of like-minded musicians decided to come together and play a wide array of live music.

While speaking about the Rock scene in the city, Ohol says, “Rock is an attitude and there is still a group of people who believe so, albeit less in number. There are many avenues for performing such music as well.”

Classic Rock band Retro Legendary Act

Ohol reminisces that it was the 1990s which saw a major change in the country’s Western music scenario. With influx of new music channels on TV, there was a variety of music easily accessible to the audience. Almost overnight, the tastes changed and listeners wanted the performances to be versatile and not typecast to any specific genre.

Ritesh Ohol

Commenting on their musical influences is a tough task, observes Ritesh. “It is difficult to zero in on a single favourite band/song. We have grown up on a variety of Rock forms and bands; we love classic acts such as Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Santana, Pink Floyd and Scorpions. We are just fresh from a Deep Purple and Scorpions tribute gig at HRC Pune and HRC Bangalore.”

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