Let Indian art inspire your notes

May 16, 2013, 07:14 IST | Kanika Sharma

We've always wondered about the art of bookmaking and how paper was really barked out in the old days.

Sheepskins and stones seem unfathomable specially when we know that this piece of writing that reaches you is in the most convenient form — paper.

Flukebooks from Tara Books Pic/Rakesh Karmokar

While, rummaging through digits and electric flashes, guess what we caught on YouTube (http://www.tarabooks.com/blog/?p=221))? Tara Books with its beautiful designs shared how it made beautiful handmade books.The covers bear intricate silkscreen prints of Warli, Gond, Patua and several arts of the same ilk. They tell us that they have 14 artisans who are adept at printing, binding and bookmaking.

With rhythmic movements, these artisans create these artworks by using only handmade paper and non-toxic inks. Now the fluke or ‘by mistake’ print is then recycled as goodies for us to yearn for. What we love is that these are one-of-a-kind and pretty much impossible to reproduce notebooks.

They say that by now they have created 2,00,000 books, compelling us to rue on the amount of notebooks we could have laid are hands on. Using recycled materials; these books come in two sizes (9x14 cm and 14x21 cm, in lined or plain). At Rs 199 (small size) and Rs 350 (large size) we recommend to bring yourself or a loved one “an unexpected piece of good luck” as their website claims.

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