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Oct 08, 2014, 07:44 IST | Juili Eklahare

Sign up for a workshop by choreographer/dancer Acash Shetty, this Sunday

City-based dancer Acash Shetty will be conducting a workshop, this Sunday. Shetty, an assistant choreographer who began his dancing career in Pune, will be teaching how to train yourself and your body in a three-hour workshop.

Dance workshop
Dancer Acash Shetty

The choreographer shares, “I’ll be teaching a special routine of Hip-Hop as the people of Pune are very passionate about dance as an art and are enthusiastic to learn it. I want to provide the understanding of dance to them, bringing them near to proficiency.”

Shetty started out with dancing as a hobby in 2007 and says that it was obvious for him about dance being the thing he was keen on most and wanted to do.

He adds, “Dance is the only kind of exercise where all your senses are most aware. You feel every part of your body. Your body moves to the rhythm of the music while your ears are alert to the beats in the music piece. Your face on the whole expresses the various emotions of the performance.”

In the coming decade, Shetty claims, there is going to be an increasing passion for dance.

“Dance has given me everything,” asserts Shetty, “anyone pursuing a career as a dancer or choreographer must first be ready for lots of hard work and plan to be focussed.”

On: October 12, 5 pm to 8 pm
At: Stepz Studio, Wanowrie.
Call: 9823295295/9823749049

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