Aug 25, 2013, 08:36 IST | Phorum Dalal

Club Alibii launched last week at the place that was once home to Athena, followed by Prive and Ghost

Since the invite read 9 pm, we happily walk to Alibii around 9.30 pm, only to be told that the entry wouldn’t open for yet another half an hour. We take this as an excuse to dig into a finger-licking Punjabi meal at Food Inn on Colaba Causeway, before strolling back towards the party venue, now brimming with the regular SoBo crowd.

A graphic pillar accompanies the DJ console in the centre at Alibii, Colaba

Rings of bright red LED lights, a ceiling chandelier of colour lights and a long bar welcomes us. Artificial smoke coupled with streaks of laser lights create a psychedelic spectacle.

We love Oscar Wilde’s quote, ‘Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past’, at the bar front. Cozy private areas and a large VIP enclosure promise to accommodate a large throng of partygoers. The menu doesn’t let us down, but nor does it tickle our taste buds to try something new. From Cajun Potatos (Rs 475) to Black Pepper Beef Tikkas (Rs 575) and Wild Mushroom Goat Cheese with Flatbread (R 475), the food is more classic than contemporary.

Those who love the usual suspects, will be happy to see a straightforward list of champagnes, vodkas, and scotch and single malts. But we missed a daring cocktail corner to walk down a road lesser travelled. Co-owner Gaurav Jhalani does promise a revamp in the menu after a quick survey of what’s trending.

Where: 141/44, Mon Repos, ground floor, Minoo Desai Marg,behind Radio Club, Colaba 

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