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Apr 12, 2013, 00:16 IST | Soma Das

Immortalise your wedding with a Bollywood-style film from the Chicago-based video and photography studio, Memories in Motion

If you are tired of cheesy wedding videos and fancy something out-of-the-box for your big day, Memories in Motion may have just the thing for you. Founded by
Chicago-based Mili Ghosh in 2005, the studio makes motion picture-style wedding films and concept films with the bride and groom as the lead characters, where the former primarily focuses on the wedding and the latter is about the whole courtship period.

Wedding footage of Memories in Motion

Born and raised in Tanzania, Ghosh boasts of a degree in communications from the University of Windsor (Canada), which is where she got involved in making documentaries. After moving to Chicago in 2004, she started working as a studio manager for a wedding studio.

“I quickly realised the potential and market for creating high-end wedding films for the South Asian clientele,” she recounts. So far, Ghosh and her team of four cinematographers and two assistants have profiled weddings in New York, Chicago, LA and Udaipur among other places, including Sajjan Jindal’s daughter Tarini’s wedding in New Delhi in 2011.

Interestingly, some of the crew has shot for Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters as well such as Batman, Transformers, My Name is Khan and Dostana.
Ghosh admits that some of the biggest challenges she faces are to get the bride and groom to act natural in front of the camera as well as editing of the massive footage.  “It’s like trying to put together pieces of a puzzle. And unless the pieces are put in the right places, the puzzle will not be complete,” concludes Ghosh.

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How concept films are made
The process is similar to film production where a storyline is created with scripts and dialogues. Ghosh cites the example of New York-based Nima and Anjan’s wedding. The couple was given the script a month before filming. There was a short acting workshop and the shoot took place in seven locations over four days; each day’s shoot was approximately for 15 to 18 hours. Film lighting and sound techniques were also used. 

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