Like mother, like daughter

Aug 06, 2012, 08:48 IST | Ruchika Kher

Nishka Lulla and Bhairavi Jaikishan are carrying on the mantle of their illustrious mothers. Daughters of Neeta Lulla and Pallavi Jaikishan, respectively, they are ready to showcase their collections, individually

While veteran designer Pallavi Jaikishan showcased her collection on Day 1 of the Mumbai Fashion Week to mark her 40th year in the industry, her daughter Bhairavi Jaikishan is busy with her last-minute fixes for her own show today.

The designer, who will present an ethnic collection titled, A Wonderful World, is extremely proud of her mother’s show. “I’m extremely proud of my mother and her show on Friday. She is celebrating her 40th year in the industry and it is so nice to see that she is getting better and better,” says Bhairavi. The designer is thrilled with the idea of showcasing in the same event.

Bhairavi Jaikishan

On the other hand, young designer Nishka Lulla shares the same feeling since she has her show on the same day as her mother Neeta Lulla’s — both tomorrow. “It feels nice that both of us are showcasing and the nicer thing is that our collections are very different from each other. She is helping me for my show and I am helping with hers. There is full support,” adds Nishka.

Nishka Lulla

While Nishka’s collection Traveller Boho-Chic is about layering, side clothes, simpler a-line linear silhouettes, skirts, shirts and pants, Neeta will be presenting a totally traditional line titled, Radha. Nishka also revealed, that although her style is very different from her mother’s, she is totally inspired by her and has learnt everything from her.

From Nishka Lulla’s collection to be showcased on Tuesday

“I take a lot of advice from her. She is always guides me when I am in a fix. She tries to make me understand the solution myself, so that I learn myself,” she confesses. 

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