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Jun 30, 2015, 08:35 IST | Aditi chordia

Delhiite Tapan Babbar has created a website, Sounds of Mumbai that lets us experience high-quality recording of street sounds from our buzzing metropolis and compels us to cherish our city in a different, sonic avatar

From the nostalgic sound of lashing waves to the hissing of the local trains, Sounds of Mumbai, created by Tapan Babbar, is the appreciation of everyday bustle, which is seldom acknowledged.

Gateway of India

By combining a high-quality recording of street sounds and a still picture, Babbar takes us on a ride — from Maratha Mandir to Juhu Chowpatty through his evocative creation.

Maratha Mandir
(Top and above) Screenshots of the website

"When I first visited Mumbai in 2012, I had recorded the sound of the rain on my phone. On my subsequent visits, I recorded more sounds. I travelled to all the important landmarks of Mumbai and took pictures from my DSLR. I had rented a sound recorder (Zoom H4) to record the sounds. When I returned to Delhi, I created a user interface to add and display the sounds and photographs. It took me around two months to design the website," reveals Babbar who is an engineer by profession.

Tapan Babbar
Tapan Babbar

While Babbar has undertaken few projects in the past, Sound of Mumbai, he admits, was more challenging and a touching assignment. "Every city has its own story. I have made a project on Delhi showcasing its history. But with Mumbai, it is the fusion of cultures, religions and geography that gives it the diverse sounds.

I don’t think I could have done this with any other city."

The website, at present has garnered 1.2 lakh hits since its inception. "The best part is that people have been sharing their nostalgic moments of Mumbai with me. It’s nice to hear personal stories from people who are absolute strangers," he shares, adding, "It feels great to know that with my work, I could affect people without even meeting them."

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