'Long distance relationship isn't working for me'

Aug 18, 2013, 23:36 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana, I'm 25 and in a long-distance relationship. Eight months ago, my guy took up a job in Muscat.

We are in touch through Skype, SMS and phone calls. But I miss his presence. I suggested we should consider giving our relationship a break but he sounded heartbroken. I don’t feel our love is worth the distance though he’s keen on getting married to me in a year or two. Should I wait for him?
— Mafaisa

Dear Mafaisa,
Good heavens! You are being mighty impatient. Your guy has promised marriage. He has relocated for better career prospects and remunerations. He wants to be financially comfortable and then get married after a year or two. And you are in no mood to wait. You seem to be highly demanding in the relationship. After marriage, you too can move to Muscat. Instead of harbouring thoughts of giving your relationship a break, make the long distance relationship work. Remember this is a temporary phase in your life.

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